I am a practitioner with 9 years experience in socially engaged practice as both artist and curator. I have undertaken a number successful socially engaged residences with communities, exploring co-authorship at all stages of the process – including the UK wide grants for the arts, ACE supported “allotment diaries”. 

Increasingly I am simultaneously employing both artist and curator expertise, for example in the FACT Veterans film club & digital Over60s projects, delivering critically engaged quality artwork with communities across health, community & heritage settings.

For a full CV please email e.wewiora@gmail.com and for more information about projects in the making or current research please feel free to visit my blog

More about my work:

My photographic practice in particular focuses on the familiar. I focus on the representation of local communities, reflecting on society at points of loss and change, through a particularly physical and performative handling of the camera. I often look to work in collaboration with the individuals & communities who make up each specific place, questioning how a co-authored and co-produced approach to practice creates greater narratives and representations of our shared society.